Melanin has built the Culture of Beauty! Wear Your Crown Proud :)

Flawless LA

ETHNIC/MULTICULTURAL Skincare & beauty Products

I was the girl who you met with a basketball in her hand. I never thought I’d ever have a career in skincare. I fell in love with beauty and skincare my first day working concierge at Bliss Spa in the W Hotel. I was amazed at how gorgeous the spa was kept, the people who worked there were friendly and loved their careers as estheticians, massage therapist and nail techs. I wanted a piece of this industry, and I wanted a piece of this industry I could relate to. 

I noticed at most spas the lack of ethnic cosmetics and skincare was limited. The treatments were mostly catered to European cultures and the products the same. During my trip to Thailand, I learned natural techniques and ethics of spa pleasures and treatments. That trip to Thailand changed the way I viewed beauty and the culture behind it. Thailand taught me that natural beauty will always be praised and to preserve your culture with traditions, and thats exactly how I pictured my career to be. 

I embraced my melanin and the culture behind my brown skin. I wanted my people of all different backgrounds and blends, to embrace their brown skin as well. I educated myself by getting my license as a professional Esthetician, and I continue to study techniques and products to preserve beautiful brown skin of all shades. 

I find that American culture and skincare does not embrace these multicultural backgrounds, so what isn’t embraced,  I will love and respect with bringing forth a platform that does. Flawless LA was then created. What once was a fashion line turned skincare platform, was the best decision I could have ever made with my creativity. My goal for Flawless LA is to reach Ethnic/ Multicultural beauty lovers with products made to support, nourish, uplift, heal and protect their essence of melanin beauty. 

Flawless LA offers products and services to treat and consult beauty lovers who want to preserve, protect and treat their melanin with care and love. 

I thank you all for supporting Flawless LA and I hope you love our products and services. Please follow our social media platform on Instagram @Flawless.LA


- Love Always Jennifer